Ashir the Professor feat. Ryan Emry - Will be

from by Ashir the Professor

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Commonly underrated underestimated now you wonder how I I elevated gravitated to the top I meditated and separated from the crop I was born gifted but I just opened the box now my spirits lifted by the lyrics I unlocked hear it and remember how I fought through December frost bitten by the cost of living dismembered but I’ve been given embers now my fires rise regenerating limbs right before your eyes penetrating hymns like I came from the sky not an angel but I stay high why to untangle lies recognize the truth find the right angle in the booth yes the rest be obtuse or acute while I reduce the descent of the game

So what you want what you want will be yours

I reduce the descent of the game like a parachute cause the plane it caught flame when Kanye and Lil’ Wayne got their fame spitting about getting brain but their mindless tamed by the chains yes their spineless only in it for the fame so they won’t find bliss but I rhyme for happiness peace of mind yes I release stress with each line decompress and unwind relax and recline redesign the track snap apart then reattached rails yes I rhyme from the heart so my art prevails embark upon this quest yes I set sail on a ship blessed trip but I don’t fail I progress I stand tall for those oppressed those supposed to stay compressed and confined yes I flow to stretch lines expand and redefine boundary lines sound the bell climb out of hell and smell the roses take a breath and focus on what’s closest to your heart fuck those who say you’re supposed to play your part and stay in the dark man I write to spread light so fuck the charts man I write to spread light so fuck the charts

So what you want what you want will be yours

Uplifted gears shifted feeling gifted cause the fear disappeared as I drifted pass my peers light a spliff and crack a beer you’re now chilling with Ashir spilling miracles in your ear the lyrical engineer designing rhymes light years ahead of his time so I shine bright when I write to achieve heights unreach yes my potential on the instrumental has no peak cause I speak from the soul to breach the mold every time I hold the mic like this it turns to gold like the name was Midas no you cannot fight this brightness cause none one shares my likeness hotter than the sun as I light this game aflame with these puns I maintain fire in my brain stay on a higher plane empire’s reign can’t douse these flames can’t contain these thoughts yes my aim remains on the outside of the box of convention didn’t I mention that I walk between dimensions in search of answers so I talk in question don’t the church and the mosque teach the same lessons? Don’t the church and the mosque teach the same lessons?

That life is a blessing and to get into heaven than you better be repenting for your sins start letting God into your heart man understand with my art I disband notions preconceived ocean filled with liest I can still see the truth a true MC who still hasn’t seen the booth all about the green like the name was Snoop so high rhyming from the roof with perfect timing I produce hits stars aligning when I spit the astrologist redefining all of this as the lyrics fall from my lips spirits lift in opposition yes I’m on a mission not a Muslim not a Jew not a Christian saw through the scripture and made my own decision now I drew the picture I envisioned when I first listen to my soul and let intuition grab ahold of my mind take control help me find the design one of a kind once blind but now I see the divine resides inside of me once blind but now I see the divine resides inside of me

So what you want what you want will be yours

Man understand life is a gift live in the present and don’t resent shit spliff lit constantly honestly I lift spirits with each lyric that I spit no arithmetic can calculate how I elevate mental state my potential on the bass can’t be traced written or erased spitting from a place unknown yes I’ve flown out the rat race past the throne set the pace set the tone face this quest alone so I don’t rest strive like the Tribe on the microphone never petrified but I stay stoned electrified to the bone live wire currently I rise higher no currency can buy the fire I possess yes the fire blessed by the best who but this game to the test to name a few Guru Mos Def Tupac Pete Rock and KRS man understand that I’m hip hop in the flesh at the top nothing less Ashir Abouleish in your ear to make the stress disappear eject regrets and forget all fears even if it takes years I will stay here til you persevere past the tears that blind

So what you want what you want will be yours


from Crossing the Rubicon, released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Ashir the Professor Houlton, Maine

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