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Even microscopically you can see that I’m an MC my molecular chemistry has got more capacity on the melody composing mentally potentially the man chosen the man cryogenically frozen for multiple centuries now memories coming back memories centrally focused on the dawn of new facts that attack the design thoughts ahead of their time were seen as a crime confined but eventually the truth redefines the design and is free yes I rhyme on the melody to remind of the flexibility of realities boundaries constantly fluctuating so I’m self educating on the microphone concentrating on the crown on the throne contaminating the underground with their trickle down economics gives the H20 to the roots hydroponics cause the water flows up the chutes to the leaves believe with capillary action everybody receives what they need satisfaction indeed so let’s proceed with the chorus no distractions I can see the forest through the trees all 360 degrees yes I'm an MC I move continuously no the mainstream cannot contain me metaphorically categorically the greatest MC of all time made out of clay like Ali as I rhyme on this beat mercury climbs I bring the heat like coals beneath feet I warm soles turned cold incomplete can’t find the missing piece cause their puzzled but what they’re missing is peace yes they struggle to release those thoughts they wish they could forget mind ties in knots cannot process stress got you compressed cannot expand

Where are we going in such a rush got to slow down smell the roses and take a puff

Like that man benched no game like that fire drenched by the rain no flame pain got your brain tamed like a lion with that chain on your neck no pride no self respect happiness denied by the beast that resides on the inside of your chest which feasts on the stress that your mind manifests can’t repress the development of this hellish element no it’s no embellishment I don’t exaggerate I understand first hand what self hate can create such a weight on the shoulders that it makes boulders seem like peebles such a hell that it makes where the devil dwell seem like a Motel 6 heart’s locked in a cell where no exits exists so I bend bars apart on the remix with my art like the phoenix out the ash to your ear don’t even ask you know it be Ashir here to make the cage disappear turn the page it’s a new year a new chapter I sit I watch and I try with all my will not gonna quit til the hands stand still on the clock til the sand in the hourglass spills on the rocks and no more hours pass no more tick tock gaining back some time that I lost yes the fast lanes got its cost so I’m slowing down just gonna moss growing from the underground through the frost with a sound profound coming out my voice box drumming in the background contagious like chicken pox never outrageous like the news on Fox but I stay sly why

Where are we going in such a rush got to slow down smell the roses and take a puff

Cause time it flies by yeah I get high to try and fly with time so I rhyme not for the lime light I rhyme to achieve flight can’t breathe right cause I I reach heights where the 02 barely goes to rarely exposed to oxygen air so thin that I breathe in but my breath is gone with the wind thanks to Ms. Mitchell take it to the bank cause it be official got more backing than the bills they be stacking lacking value doesn’t matter how you add it up you can never have enough to buy peace of mind you can try but you'll find that you come up short so abort the mission listen start your ignition exhaust all suspicion and in its position put trust and watch it combust so efficiently my alternative energy yeah it’s all about synergy symbiotically living with each other fuck the difference in the color of the feather got to flock together if we’re going to weather this storm got to transform the norm yeah its form have been compromised by the lies that we tell ourselves and everyone else like equating wealth to happiness man we missed the point so pissed that I light another joint easing the frustration of appeasing a nation so corrupt it’s become volcanic about to erupt but they don’t panic cause they think their unsinkable like the Titanic but this transatlantic ride that their on can provide a haven only for only for so long

Where are we going in such a rush got to slow down smell the roses and take a puff

Icebergs be staving cause like a Rube Goldberg demonstration simple has become complex yes people invest so much time on the surface cause on the surface purpose is easily found people get nervous thinking about the underground you can easily drown in its depths so deep so I keep coming up to take a breath


from Crossing the Rubicon, released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Ashir the Professor Houlton, Maine

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