Ashir the Professor feat. The Light and Ryan Emry - Luck

from by Ashir the Professor

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Time to paint a perfect picture that just may look picture perfect
Don’t get impressed yet cause it may be just the surface make a fewbets wondering if that ish was worth it but the way we rock them rhymes left those other fools hurting
Reach for the right tense leaving trails of suspense an In my DEFENSE I USED THE past participle
So sorry to make it difficult so let me make it simple suppose we get distracted by matters that seem trivial
Still glued to that tv looking for something material completely devoid of with all matters of the spiritual
Keep on rollin with the flows the raps remain lyrical mixing up these tracks while munching on a bowl of cereal to the closed minded peeps theres no apologies for not hearing ya furthermore I’d just like ta say that the rest of the world aint feeling ya
We can make our own luck if its something ya dont like dont worry cause we can adjust
The masses is still hopin an wishin still thinkin this life is worth living luck vs superstitious traditions visions written on the walls of ancient egyptians
No longer can we afford ta be tripping let loose of the self sympathy start solving lifes simple mysteries
Long gone are the days when i found myself bitchin an moaning about shit i aint got being broke it aint hot but the music didnt stop ya came ta the right spot
certain aims that we rethought and now the rhythm that we got sounds like luck in the makin rippin rhymes sensational puttin down pillas thas foundational perspective is relational think four leaf clovas gonna bring that range rova if ya got a move left ta make then ya sure that it aint over
good days gotta make em great
I’ll roll thru drama like a bull doza
defend tha truth like a king cobra
said we gotta defend the truth like a king cobra.

Sometimes you're on a roll sometimes your luck runs out

The Professor with The Light so it’s always bright when I lecture on the mic yes I excite photons giving mass to what I write like the Higgs Boson teaching class throughout the night reaching those who feel so gone but wait hold on it is never too late to prove the haters wrong create your own fate yeah that’s why I elevate mental states getting high making brains levitate to alleviate this pain spill my heart on the track so in fact it’s blood stained search of redemption like Andy Dufresne I’ve got to tame this aggression before I go insane but my curse and my blessing be one in the same from the first verse I spit I could feel it in my veins yes the lines that I rhyme blow your mind like cocaine trying to find nirvana name ain’t Kurt Cobain game filled with piranhas biting for the fame while I’m writing to enlighten darken times with the flame that I tamed skills sharpened as I trained and became the main creator haters say I’m vain yes I guess I’m getting under flesh last name Abouleish here to claim your king in this game of chess there’s no luck involved I evolved in check but eventually I dissolved the threat yes I escaped now it’s my turn to state checkmate but eventually I dissolved the threat yes I escaped now it’s my turn to state checkmate

Sometimes you're on a roll sometimes your luck runs out

There have been times in life when we’ve all faced a checkmate its never been too hard to relate so let me spit a bit of strategy to dissipate some fallacies is it an abnormality to refuse to accept the brutality put on my spectacles sift thru the sullied mantra of a sorry mainstream message desperate to get a glimpse of a new reality saw the professor giving lectures while the light was shining bright both stringing their words together cleverly crafting their makeshift prophecies saw the fate of human beings forced to compete in the 9-5 rat race or gain a competence in botany itll take a couple choice steps to avoid the monotony and evade the new world lobotomy which could be but aint gotta be what do you think about the role of luck in life? Ill play that scarface like Tony Montana I aint going out without a fight. If I want it I get it and on a positive mission without a moment of regret aint that a breath of fresh air why would I point these things out if I didn’t care but always got a sec to examine one of lifes great lessons a pistol to my head and a chance to be left for dead… wow… guess that’s what we get for second guessin our own intuition neglected a rule of the game designed to keep a playa consistent if it’s a lyrical competition ill win the middle weight division with the strength and determination of a Mike Bisping comparing winners to losers abstainers to boozers its your attitude that chooses just exactly what to do with your life. Ill second Emerson in what he said that strong men don’t believe in luck they believe in cause and effect in regard to luck it was Jefferson that said.. ‘the harder I work the more that I have of it.’ And I’ll add to that… what you put in is what you get out of it…

Sometimes you're on a roll sometimes your luck runs out

A discussion about luck from instructions inscribed upon the tomb of King Tut that a curse shall befall all whom disrupt to those who struck Powerball to Mega Bucks touched by Lady Luck or is it just probability is it God or the odds fulfilling these prophecies honestly it’s neither it’s Ashir with Locke and Ryan Emery on the feature no lying here we be the three headed creature like Cerberus protecting and serving this Hip Hop community this track is what happens when preparation meets opportunity don’t get what I’m rapping get online and search three keywords the first of which you’ve probably never hear I assume you don’t know it it is Seneca the roman poet second is quote and the third is luck read a bit of what he wrote then rewind and turn me up listen one more time I don’t believe in superstition that shit is all in your mind I shatter mirrors when I rhyme walking under ladder others choose to climb and my muse is that black cat crossing my path from time to time I don’t mean to confuse but I won’t simplify these lines I’m too complex gotta take each verse within its context no contest when I’m on the mic pen becomes a sword yes I fight when I write I defend those without sight not legally blind but blinded by the plight I defend those without sight not legally blind but blinded by the plight

Sometimes you're on a roll sometimes your luck runs out


from Crossing the Rubicon, released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Ashir the Professor Houlton, Maine

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